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Plz spare our MDs !!! Plz spare our MDs !!!

Topic started by Logic Gates (@ on Tue Jan 1 03:15:30 EST 2002.
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Lets make this a new year resolution. Lets not brand MDs like ARR & IR as copy cats. ( This is exactly what a thread in this tfm page is trying to do). They have not blatantly lifted any tune till now to my knowledge. Ive seen lotsa posts saying that 'this song has traces of this', 'the beginning of that song resembles this'....blah blah !! IMHO, these dont amount to lifting. Everytime they compose a new song, they sincerely try and are committed to compose an original song. This effort is what matters most to me. They just dont cheat ppl. Somehow resemblences creep in, but they dont do it on purpose.( MDs like Deva, SAR , Sirpi etc dont fall into this category ).
For the sake of argument, lets assume a talented person is given a task of composing a truly original tune (assume time & spending doesnt matter). After hearing that song, i bet i can come up with comments like 'the arrangement is similar to xyz song', 'the rhythm pattern sounds like xyz song', 'the background beats and loop resembles xyz song' 'it sounds similar to a song based on the same raaga' etc... The point is that, even if u sincerely and honestly try, there is bound to be some resemblance..The simple reason being 'Music existed in this universe even before life evolved. Whatever ppl do is just a permutation & combination of whatever is eternally existing'. Millions of musicians had existed in this world before any of our present day MDs were even born. They grew up listening to a variety of music and hence even if they consciously want to avoid resemblance, sub-consciously it will some how creep in. Now to compose original music against all these odds is in itself an achievement leave alone delivering hits and soul-stirring music.


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