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Topic started by Nandini (@ on Sun Jun 23 10:04:48 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Not as good as shajahan.
6 songs.
of the 2 are good.
lyrics by VM(3) Vaali(2) Kabilan(1)

"sahiyE sahiyE sahithaal enna" has some nice lines and a good tune. nice to hear.

"sandhoasham" by SPB looks like Manisharma has stolen a tune patended by both sirpy and SA.rajkumar.
lines are lovely, it sounds full of optimistic theories.
"kaalukku seruppu vandhadhu,
muLLukku nadri soll" like lines alone look good here.

third song by vaali is a jolly-go song about love.
usual vaali here. peppy tune.

the best of this album is the fourth song,
the tune is same as the first song, but this one is a sad version. lyrics are ultimate poetry.
they cry for you, feel it.

i dont remember how the fifth song begins.
not impressive.

last song by kabilan is "arasa thoatta boopathi" rendered by shankar mahadevan is a hearable one. sounds much like the "dumm dumm dumm" song in murari.

i rate the album over all a 3 star.


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