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CITIZEN - Pathetic DEVA & The Producers CITIZEN - Pathetic DEVA & The Producers

Topic started by Travis (@ on Tue Jul 10 06:51:35 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Everyone knows how bad this guy's music is & how rotten his musical ethics(that is if he has one!) are. When I saw the making of Citizen on SUN TV, there was an interview with him, the producer & the director.

Deva looked so washed up & was trying to tell us(all generic stuff) what he is trying to do for this movie & the singers that he shamelessly brought in. This thick-skinned guy jumped on to Vasundra Das' bandwagon as she's the latest hype. It isn't surprising that whatever is popular now, he'll just rip it off without guilt and blatantly.

Even the producers were telling us abt the extra effort & time he has taken to do the re-recording. NOTE: It is such a BIG deal & BIG news for this guy to spend time to do bgm.

On the whole, I really find it pathetic for any film makers to go to Deva. I mean, we all know how 'original' he is. But for producers/directors to go to him is so pathetic. It just shows they don't realize the importance of film music and you wonder how they became film makers.

Deva composes tunes like how we laymen would compose. I mean if someone asks us to compose a short music, we would come out like what this guy does...really. All the choom choom choom & tum tum is so amatuerish. And it doesn't stop there. He just goes on & on in so many films. In the big-touted Citizen's music he tried to sound like ARR's music quality. Wow, such unrelentless effort by a genius!

Right now, I am trying to get in touch with the Los Angeles Film Music Union and the movie companies. Am going to inform them abt how this guy has utilised Jerry Goldsmith's Congo & First Knight & John Williams's Jurassic Park(among so many others!) in countless Tamil films. If nothing happens, then good for this loather. Ohterwise, bless him!


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