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IR songs that you absolutely hated at first but loved later.. IR songs that you absolutely hated at first but loved later..

Topic started by tigger (@ on Tue Mar 19 10:12:43 EST 2002.
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Does any IR fan have experiences similar to mine where you hated a song (for whatever reason) and forwarded it each time without listening properly, but then grew to love it later on? I thought it would be interesting to discuss that. There are 2 songs that I can start off with:

1. kadhal enna kathal enna kathirikaya from Sethu. I never got past the first line because of the starting lyrics, but one day by chance I listened to the whole song and realized that it was not bad. After multiple listenings I grew to love that song.

2. eduthuvittaen thoduthuvittaen enga ooru themmangu from periya veetu pannakaaran. It starts with a brief introduction to each instrument. Someone plays the thavil and then says "ithu thanjavuru thavilu". Someone else plays the urumi and then says "ithu namma madurai urumi". I never got past this because I thought it was a useless "pattikaatu" song. Again by chance I listened to it fully and started liking it, and now I absolutely love this song. The bonus is the lyrics: nikkathaiya en paatu, un paatathan nippaatu, ikkaalamum ekkaalamum ithukku irukku supportu... Always makes me smile when I hear this.. :)


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