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query on good tamil films query on good tamil films

Topic started by raycas (@ on Tue Feb 5 07:51:27 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

hey people...sorry for this actually non-music topic...recently a new vcd-shop opened here in vienna...actually it's mainly for hindi vcds...but they do have some tamil i only have seen a small number of tamil films till now, i wanted to ask u people which films u would recommend to me. wait, let me also difine the categories...
i like kamal haasan movies very much...i mean the serious comedies please, cause i think i wouldn't understand (i'm a malayalee) nayakan, thalapathi and so on...
i saw they had a film called 'sathya' with kamal haasan (fiercy looking, with a beard), what's it about?
so really cool, serious ones would be appreciated...also polit-movies (like iruvar)...
any suggestions?


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