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<b>Interview with Music Director Raihanah</b> Interview with Music Director Raihanah

Topic started by truy (@ on Sat Jun 26 00:08:03 EDT 2004.
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Interview with Music Director Raihanah

Music Director Raihanah - Interview

Yet another entrant from the AR Rahman family. Without basking on the glory of being sister to the musical wizard, Raihanah has made an impressive debut with her hit scores in Macchi. Raihanah’s father R.K.Sekar was a music director for many films. In an exclusive interview to, Raihanah speaks about her career. Excerpts from her interview.

Could you briefly tell us about your entry in the film industry?
My father was a music director and he died when I was a small girl. Naturally, I have love for music and began to sing for many films. My brother and music director A.R.Rahman used to give me chances to sing along with the chorus in his films. Director Madhesh one day came to my house for a function, and heard my base voice from a CD. He was in search of a voice like mine and asked me to sing the ‘Malai Malai’ song with Anuradha Sriram for the film Chocolate. Incidentally, the song was a super hit and the film too.

You have been a playback singer. How did music direction happen?
Following the hit song, I was given chance in Kannathil Muthamittal and Kangalal Kaidhu Sei to sing individually. My friend’s husband one day approached me to complete his music album with good music. I did the first VD jingles, Reengaram. They were all pleased and praised the music and voice of the song. That created faith in me that I could do the music direction.

Your other films where you have scored music?
Ninaivey was the first film in which I scored the music and Macchi was the second one. These days, people love to hear dubbankuthu songs, but I am more for melodious songs, for the melody song alone will create an impact. Ninaivey film has not yet been released.

What kind of music would you like to compose?
Just now I told you, that I am against the dubbankuthu songs. I am also not interested in the songs which give double meaning, I mean the vulgarity. I am totally avoiding such songs in films under my music direction. I always love to do melodies. I am more for commercial songs but it must be from melodies which I love to do.

Is there any feedback from the public after the audio release of Macchi?
Ya. There have been a lot. If I should thank someone, I must thank Mr. Ratna Raj and Vasanth Kumar, who have made me known to public. In fact, the Executive Producer of Macchi, Ram gave me a gold coin on behalf of the Producer Krishnakanth on Akshaya Trithi day as a token of appreciation.


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