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<b>Singers as Actors-What do TFM lovers have to say:</b> Singers as Actors-What do TFM lovers have to say:

Topic started by Sin (@ on Tue Dec 3 05:12:46 EST 2002.
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Singers as Actors-What do TFM lovers have to say:

TFM lovers, or for that matter, Music lovers, in the Indian scenario, what do you all have to say about wonderful singers turning actors. In my opinion, ther is nothing wrong, as far as it does not affect their singing career. Even great legends such the great, Mr.Malaysia Vasudevan, Mr.S P Balasubramaniam, have acted in a number of films, and their singing never went down. And they continue to act.

They have an oppurtunity to showcase their multi talents. Some of the latest singers turned actors are:

Harish Raghavendra - Vikatan (upcoming; dir: Ahathian)

Yugendran - Poovellam un Vaasam, Youth, Bhagavathy and anothet films, Kaadhal Saamrajiyam (dir: Ahathian).

SPB Charan - Kaadhal Saamrajiyam (dir: Ahathian)

Venkat Prabhu (Son of Gangai Amaran) - Kaadhal Saamrajiyam (dir: Ahathian)

Vasundara Das - Monsoon Wedding, Citizen and few other Malayalam films and music videos.

Sonu Nigam - Nepal, Jaani Dushman, and Kaash Aap Hamaare Hoate for Raj Babbar.

A site has this news that, the great singer, Hariharan is also making his debut into acting after a few music videos. The film is called, Power of Woman, with Kushboo and the music is by Vidhyasagar.

We as audience, should definetely encourage this. Talents have to be brought out.

Will other singers like, T K Karthik, Thippu, Chinmayee, will also join them ??, what do you guys have to tell:


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