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IR vs ARR - Who is the best user of piano IR vs ARR - Who is the best user of piano

Topic started by Dorai (@ on Tue Feb 12 14:19:24 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hello Everyone,
I keep hearing in Sun TV interviews, Sabthaswarangal etc that ARR is the best pianist around. But I feel that IR is miles ahead of ARR in composing using Piano. Some great examples are as below

En Vaanille Ore Vennilla (Johny) - Esp the starting bits

Malai En Vedthanai Kuttuthadi (Sethu) - The starting bit.

Nee Partha Parvaikuru Nanri (Hey Ram)

On the other hand I can provide some examples of ARR's use of piano too.

1. Thendralee Thendralee (Kadhal Desam)- Starting bits, interludes (just brilliant)
2. Vennillave Vennilave (2nd interlude)

But I feel IR's compositions of Piano is too creative and not repetative. Any opinions?.

I would like you all to bring some more IR's use of piano and compare it with ARR's with due respect to both of their works.


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