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Deva MD for Rajini's Next movie Deva MD for Rajini's Next movie

Topic started by NCR (@ on Mon Sep 15 11:53:20 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

According to a telugu News paper, Deva is going to be the MD for Rajini's next movie. This was announced by Deva himself in an interview. This movie would be going to floors either for Dasara or Deevali if all the news are correct. It seems the new movie will be under Sivaji Movies banner. Sivaji Ganesan's sons Ramkumar, Prabhu will be the producers. Hari would direct the movie. ( this also was announced by him ). Since there is no news against this from Rajini or Sivaji's sons, people are assuming this news is confirmed.

For those who can read telugu


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