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Musical Concerts Musical Concerts

Topic started by boardsover (@ on Thu Apr 11 01:54:51 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

lotsa musical concerts are being held these days all over the world by (tamil) music troops as well as by MD's

as far as i have seen,i feel that not in a single concert was ARR's music reproduced properly (except for his own concerts like in Dubai,Los Angeles etc..)ARR's songs are all messed up if they are being reproduced on stage by someone else.....even his drum beats are made to sound like *tarai tappattai*.......they r really sick

y is this the case with ARR's songs alone and not with other MD's.

does it suggest that ARR relies too much on computers/electronics??
If he does,is it healthy for TFM??

or is it purely the quality of music and the musicians who work with him??

how is he alone able to reproduce the same music on stage??

this in no way relates to the singers who sing the song.....only the beats and other stuff


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