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Who is patronising Ilaiyaraja still.. Who is patronising Ilaiyaraja still..

Topic started by Mahesh (@ on Thu Oct 4 04:20:35 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

These days we see that the city based people
(Chennai/Bangalore/Coimbatore..etc) are patronising
ARR/Haris Jayaraj (and Deva to some extent).... younger
generation is popularising these MDs' music among
elders also by repeat play at home and at TV,,

While IR's songs are typically played/requested in
AIR or some FM stations in Singapore/Malaysia etc.,

But I see that cities/towns like Trichy, Madurai,
Thanjavur dist are still playing IR songs in most
of the buses/tea shops/public programs/places
and even local tv channels like Vaigai etc are
playing IR's compositions regularly..

Even 5-10 years back it is the districts which
brought such a fame to IR songs.. even now they
are sticking to IR.. while City culture is changing
the prefs to ARRs and HJs..

these are all IMHO..

any views..


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