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Links Poching Links Poching

Topic started by Srikanth (@ on Mon Jun 15 23:59:05 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Dear Friends,
I spend about 50hrs a week to maintain my real audio site. Besides I spend lot of $$$s or RS.. on collecting songs - Raja/Msv/Ar etc.
Besides I have a huge carnatic collection,
But site like, a commerical site makes a direct link - misuses my Real audio files without my permission, when asked they reply in a bad way, .
I was shocked to see all my songs were directly pointed and being used.
This is ridiculeous - I spend my time and money to make my site popular and these guys steal the link and claim they have most number of songs.
It is like entering into my house and stealing my house articles.
At this rate I will be forced to close my site ,
due the maintainence - I keep renaming my files and other techs;
Please do not do a link poching , small timers like me have web site just for the love towards tamil music, and don't force people like us to close .
Guys someone do something to stop this poching.
I asked Ravi about this - but I dont know for what reason that question has been removed by him



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