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Tune for Lyrics... Tune for Lyrics...

Topic started by NaNbaN (@ on Sat Jun 20 13:48:07 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.


I just wondered, Whether i can count IR songs in this category. I started counting
one, one, one.... Oh ! God ! I can't count
further. The one song is

" Vizhil Vizhuthu Emayil Nuzhayinthu...".
--Aazhkal Oovathilay
--Bharathi Raja

Is there more songs by IR in this category. Folks please help me out.

What about ARR and MSV?. Any idea?.
I know MSV has done lot. But I only count few.

ARR?. ARR guys help!

Folks, One more questions. This arised to me
as i was typing. Here is the question

Q) I know IR does all sorts enhancing things with Ragas and Folk tune for TFM songs.
But has he done GREAT songs without any
RAGAs or FOLKS tunes as base.

A point to Ponder (&*76^*^9@7&9) Isn't it?



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