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<b>Vidhyasagar's <i>Thirumalai</i> and Bharadwaj's <i>Jay Jay</i></b> Vidhyasagar's Thirumalai and Bharadwaj's Jay Jay

Topic started by Jay (@ on Thu Apr 24 02:05:35 EDT 2003.
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Vijay and Vidhyasagar - The First time

As usual, Vijay quietly begins working on his new film the moment he completed his previous one. After Geethai, it is Thirumalai with Namratha Shirodhkar. Vijay's name in the film is Thirumalai. That should explain the title. Ramanaa is directing this film. Kavithaalaya's director K Balachander and producer Pushpa Kandasaami had to work real hard to get Vijay's dates. The recent Kavithaalaya releases haven't done that well enough. That's why they have signed up Vijay. Hope this film does well. The music of the film is by Vidhyasagar.

I think, Nilave Vaa and Coimbotore Mapplai were flop movies.

Madhavan and Bharadwaj - The First time

After the success of Run, Madhavan has shifted his focus upon action films. His latest film Jay Jay is also going to be an action-love story. This is going to be director Charan's next film after Gemini. He is going to write the story, screenplay, dialogues and direct this film. Making action-love stories has become a child's play for director Charan after hits like Amarkalam and Gemini. This film is going to beat them all because it has Madhavan in it. Oscar Ravichandran is producing this film. He seems to have mastered the technique of bringing only such films that are bound to entertain the audience. Which means, this film is also going to be good too.

The Charan-Vairamuthu-Bharadwaaj team unites once more to work magic for this film too. This will be the 25th film that Bharadwaj composes music for.



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