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About Bharathiraja's old telugu film.... About Bharathiraja's old telugu film....

Topic started by Ajith (@ on Fri Oct 18 21:28:55 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

......called "Seethakokachiluka" starring Karthik and Aruna (I think). I know that it is a remake of "Alaigal Oiyvathillai", but I have a couple of questions for the telugu version.

1)Did IR give any "new" songs in the telugu version besides the dubbed tamil songs?

2)I heard that Balu Mahendra did the cinematography for this film. Is this true? I never knew Bharathiraja had Balu as his cameraman for his films. Please let me know this.

3)Was this telugu version a frame-by-frame remake of "Alaigal Oiyvathillai"?


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