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Song classification and other technicalities Song classification and other technicalities

Topic started by Ramaswamy Gireesan (@ on Wed Jun 10 19:34:37 EDT 1998.
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I have a strange problem now, or rather two problems, I should say.

1) you might be aware that I have a homepage hosting about 150 songs, mostly compositions of IR set to carnatic ragas. Now that I have received a biiiig load of cassettes, from which I might be uploading at least 75-100 songs (mostly songs of mottai) a new problem arises. Till now I have had just three pages, one for Classical Ilaiyaraja, one for Rare Ragas of IR and the third page for the non-classical compositions (or songs which cannot be defined as any particular raga/scale) The pages already have upto 40 songs each, and I feel the listings are getting rather big.

Hence my question :

Would you suggest any new classification scheme for all the songs?
a) Songs listed by the raga name (Abheri, Atana, Bairavi.... and so on)
b) Songs listed by the melakarta raga (and their derivatives) - starting with melakarta raga 1 and its derivatives etc. (Might be a bit confusing for beginners to carnatic music)
c) Songs sorted by the 1st line (might be ambiguous for some songs?)
d) Songs sorted by film name (some of the films have only one song listed in my collection)
e) Songs sorted by the year in which the respective film got released (this info might be a bit difficult to gather :-( )

Of course, once this sorting order is finalised, I might have to split the entire list into smaller pages. I want to maintain the carnatic based songs separate from others, as that was my original aim in creating this page.

I can certainly have a central repository of all songs, and replicate the links under various classifications, so that a song may appear simultaneously under various classifications, but then I am afraid this might become too difficult to manage. I would appreciate any tips and suggestions from the TFM fans out there.

2) My second question is rather trivial. I have noticed that there are some sites out there which have been setting links to the songs in my collection directly (I prefer not to name those sites :-) ). Though this doesnt bother me directly, what irks me is that some of these sites are of commercial nature and they are using the songs in my collection for luring more visitors. And the last straw is that they dont even bother to acknowledge the source of the song etc. I feel rather dejected to see the amount of work I have put in to upload the songs, and the amount of server space I have managed to acquire being exploited by others. Of course, some of them have a better interface (Java, CGI scripts etc.) that enable easier surfing, but I feel it is unfair to exploit services like ours. (I am sure Chandra Gobichetipal, Neethan Namchivayam and others also feel the same way). What do you feel about this in general?

The worst thing I could do would be to shut down the site, or add my voice to each song, announcing where the song comes from etc. but I would hate myself later for taking either of those steps. Or is anybody aware of a better technical solution (using a real audio server, using some CGI script to screen the referring URL etc.) that might curtail the commercial exploitation of my services?

Thanks for any response/advice. TFM admins, if you feel that this topic does not fit in the DF, pl. feel free to ask posters to this thread to mail me directly.

Thanks and regards



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