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Query Regarding Singaporean Artistes Query Regarding Singaporean Artistes

Topic started by WN (@ on Sun Jan 5 02:49:35 EST 2003.
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Does anyone here know what happened to Mohd. Rafi, the Singaporean singer? I believe he actually released his own albums in the 80s (were "Jo Muniandi" & "Vachikko Vaadi" his?). I heard he also sang for ARR's ESK, though I have no confirmation it is actually him. Though I have been out of touch with what's been going on in Spore for the past few years, I believe Mohd Rafi is out of the scene now? Can Singaporeans & Spore residents here pls update me on wat's the latest and who the present singers are (both the good & the bad). Thanks in advance.


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