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Music Directors who deserve(d) a break Music Directors who deserve(d) a break

Topic started by Deepak (@ on Sun Apr 6 00:30:48 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I wanted to start this thread to highlight some of the music directors who probably deserve / deserved more than what they had got. Probably with the movie being successful, we would have probably had a different crop of people ruling the roost today?!?

I would probably place him in the 'most unfortunate' list. I liked some of the songs in Amaravathi. He had also scored the title music for a tamil serial called Chellamma - it was wonderful. Thalaivasal was scored by him, but I haven't heard the songs yet.

He's another unfortunate MD - moreso because his first movie was actually commercially successful (Cheran Pandiyan). He also had the courage to maintain his own unpretentious style of composition. His songs in "Sindhu Nadhi Poo" - especially "Athi Vadaiyile", "Adiye Adi", "Mathalam Kottudhadi" were all beautiful compositions - unfortunately the movie let him down. I guess he's scoring for a new movie now - Let's hope he does well

If Nammavar had been successful, we definitely would have had more movies from him before his early demise. His compositions had a different flavour of freshness associated with it.

Another one of the 'most unfortunate' MD's. With the exception of dum dum dum, I think all his movies flopped commercially, despite the audio doing well. He still sticks to his own style of composition - which is refreshing. I hope he'll be some one to reckon with in the near future.

Please add more to this list - or you can also add more about the people listed above. I wonder if IR's name would be on the list above if Annakili had flopped :)


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