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Topic started by Vaimutha (@ on Wed Aug 7 17:59:52 EDT 2002.
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H. Abedeen of Nagore was born on 13.03.1958 to J.M. Hussain and Balkis Nachiyar. Abedeen is a multi-faceted talent. A poet, a novelist, an artist, a singer, a photographer, an intellectual and what not. Though talented as he is , he shuns publicity and popularity and shrinks back his head, like a tortoise.

His novelettes 'Kadai' and 'Kuzhandhai' were published in 'Kanaiyazhi' (Oct'85) and 'Yatra' (1982), prestigious literary magazines. His poems also appeared in 'Yatra' whose editor was the famous writer Sundara Ramasamy.

Abedeen either does not like to publish his writings or leaves them in trust with some of his friends. He left some of his diaries with his friend Ravi, who is a popular writer under the pen-name of 'Charu Nivedita' and he published Abedeen's writings in his own name! In particular , he entrusted Ravi with three novels (1) 'Pazhaiya Veedu', about his family, (2)'Moolam', a novel running into more than 600 pages in which he sees the sufferings of piles as a 'journey' or 'safar' or 'root' of it. and (3) 'Kodikkappal' in a black diary. 'Safar' of Abedeen came out in 'India Today' Tamil Edition (May 6-20 1995) and a part of his novel 'Pazhaiya Veedu' was renamed as 'Neidhal Nila Kurippugal' and was published in 'Kumudam' in Charu Nivedita's Name and awarded! (Refer 'Kalachchuvadu's June 2000 Issue - Articles by Prem:Ramesh , former friends of Charu Nivedita)

Abedeen is remembered in literary circles for his 'Kadai' even today. He still writes and has a few short stories and a Novel ready, as he himself has said in a personal conversation with me.

He is a powerful writer, a loaded Gun. God only knows who will trigger it !. My grief is that he has not given proper attention to any of his talents fully.

Abedeen is now working in M.A.T.E / Dubai as Computer Programmer.

In this URL,you can see the following titles, click that titles u can see the charu's original face...

"Abedeen's Letter to Ravi (Charu) & Editor-Kumudam :"

"Some Letters of Ravi (Charu) to Abedeen"

" Ravi (Charu Nivedita)'s Love on Abedeen & Prem (jpg file)"

Thanx to read.......
Yours Truly.
Ex-charu's Fan


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