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What constitutes a song as a hit? What constitutes a song as a hit?

Topic started by Udhaya (@ on Thu Jan 23 20:14:30 EST 2003.
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Whether one should care about a song being a hit is a more intriguing question, but let me set that aside for the time being. In the western world, a single song can be identified a hit based on the sales of the single release (i.e. a single vinyl, tape, CD, etc, containing just the one song with a freebie on the B-side). Sales of the single is tracked by the Billboard singles chart which holds the stats for the number of copies sold, number of weeks the single remained in the chart, etc. Based on this rating, you get the top 40 and ultimately the top 10 countdowns. Naturally, the radio stations played the most popular tunes more often to please the public.

The single release is not the case with TFM. In the pre-satellite days, radio play based on requests by listeners, private play at tea stalls and weddings in street corners, as well as record sales were sure bets at gauging a hit song. Even in those days, a good if hard to resolve argument could be made about which song was a bigger hit in a hit soundtrack. In today’s TFM scenario, where each channel or website has its own criteria for top 10s, how does one declare a song a hit song? Especially with post-90 soundtracks that have as many singers as they have songs, how can a single song be picked out of the soundtrack as the hit song when people pay to buy a whole soundtrack CD and all that comes with it.


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