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Topic started by The Oracle (@ on Fri Dec 28 07:25:58 EST 2001.
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For those who said i dont know anything about music, those who said i should go back to TFM history to know about whatz music, i wanna say one thing. My blatant criticism on IRs music made everyone think that im a critic of TFM as a whole, whereas im not.
Iam of great fan of MSV, KV, G.Ramanathan FYI ....

Nobody can infuse life into Barathiyar songs like G. Ramanathan did.
Nobody can match KV when it comes to carnatic based songs.
Nobody can give a blend of hindustani, light music and carnatic, like MSV did.

But i somehow dont find any of these in IR. He sounds monotonous and repetitive. Whatever he did in carnatic & hindustani were already achieved by his predecessors. He was found awfully short when it came to western. His music is too much inclined towards folk and that too not originals...

But , I see such rare brilliance of MSV, GR & KVM again in ARR. He is so talented that he is able to fuse all these qualities into one, and on top of that, western classical and pop music. Kannamoochi yenada ( especially the strains of Sahana ) is the best song based on carnatic. Kaale Mega song from Lagaan , based on Malhar Raag, is one of the best based on Hindustani. He has scored so many songs like these, based on Carnatic and Hindustani and also fusion. No need to mention anything about his prowess when it comes to western and light music. The way he does all these effortlessly is what makes me look upon him with awe....
Just wanna reiterate once again that, Im not against Tamil Film Music as a whole ....


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