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Shanker next movie-Boys-with A.r.Rahman score the music Shanker next movie-Boys-with A.r.Rahman score the music

Topic started by SULTAN (@ on Sun Jan 6 12:43:31 EST 2002.
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This is shanker next movie BOYS-for this movie,shanker introduce 6 new faces,all of them age 16-23old.Its means 5 new youth actor and 1 new youth actress in this movie.The film has been aptly titled Boys and the story is about five boys who falls in love with the same girl. Shankar is flying in models from Mumbai, to play the girl’s role, which is the most crucial in the film. But he has not been
able to find the ‘Miss perfect’ to play the heroine, while one or two boys have been fixed. Shankar, who is famous for extravaganza and big budget, is this time trying to make the film at a low budget (Rs 3 crore), for which music will be by A.R. Rahman.

Those boys and girls looking for a break in a Shankar film can approach him at his T.Nagar office, where he has interviewed over hundred aspirants so far. In fact, a mention in various Tamil periodicals, and an accompanying advertisement to the effect that Shankar was looking for new faces, has created a headache of sorts for the producers. Curriculums vitae have been pouring in to the Surya Movies post box ever since the ad and the story ran in the vernacular press – and last heard from, the flood shows no signs of abating.

Curiously enough, the ad appears – thanks to emails and discussion groups – to have reached an audience abroad as well, with the result that newer batches of applications have US, British and suchlike stamps on them, which suits the producer and director fine since the film does incorporate a lot of NRI faces.

For Shankar, Boys will be a return to romance after Kadhalan, and to comedy after the Aishwarya Rai-Prashanth starrer Jeans. Though the film will feature fresh – and ergo, inexpensive – faces, Shankar maintains that the film will be typical of his style, which means lavish budgets, and expensive production values.


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