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Silly Lyrics,Great Songs Silly Lyrics,Great Songs

Topic started by GV (@ on Thu Sep 17 00:39:50 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

In recent weeks, we had detailed and scolarly discussions and analysis of TFM lyrics. This thread, however, is for listing and discussing some of the silly lyrics written by great writers, put to music by great MD-s and sung by great singers. Most of these songs are from funny movies or from funny scenes in great movies. The lyrics in these songs are silly, but well written, rhyming, musical, etc.

In order to avoid comparisons, I wold request you not to mention the names of writers, MD-s and singers. Just name the song, the movie and include any comments or discussion about the song.
With all the tension going on in some of the other threads, let us make this a "fun" experience! (Ravi: I hope this is within the established limits of the TFM Forum. If not, cancel it. Thanks.)

I will start with a few examples:

1. ..Naan thaan Michael adi nee thaan my girl..
-I don't remember the name of the movie.

2. Onnum theriyaatha paappaa kannei adichaalaa
Kannei adichathu maamaa kaiyyei pudichaaraa

3. .....Guntooru goyyaavei Nellooru nellay
Pinnaadi vaaraenei aethaachu solley....
Naan sollum Thelungellaam Thaenoorum amutham
Naan solli tharumbothu aenaiyyaa KUMUDHAM?..

4. Inthen kannaana kannaatti naalei en pondaati
Ennaasai nee kaeladee...-DOWRY KALYAANAM


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