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Shankar and ARR split? Shankar and ARR split?

Topic started by Saifuz (@ on Fri Aug 8 02:19:42 EDT 2003.
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Thursday, 07 August , 2003, 12:15
By Moviebuzz

Shankar’s magnum opus Boys is delayed! The musical entertainer was scheduled for August 15 release, but the rumour is that A.R.Rahman who had fallen out with Shankar is taking his time over the re-recording. After this Shankar will have to finish the DTS work.

Meanwhile the audio of Boys is creating waves though Harris Jayaraj and his Kaakha Kaakha is giving stiff competition. But the CD of Boys priced at Rs 90 is selling like hot cakes and will do better after the release of the film.

As of now, the film is likely to release on August 29 or September 5 depending on a lot of other trade factors. Producer Ratnam is also releasing the Telugu version simultaneously.


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