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Let Us Compare The Songs & BGM in Refugee / Bharathi... Let Us Compare The Songs & BGM in Refugee / Bharathi...

Topic started by Subbu (@ on Wed Mar 28 08:45:53 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I am really disappointed that Best MD award is not given to IR for Bharathi. More than that 'Anu Malik's' name worries me. My general perception of Anu Malik makes me wonder whether he would have composed better than Bharathi's songs/BGM in Refugee.

While I can talk in detail about Bharathi songs/BGM, I should accept that I haven't listened to 'Refugee' songs or BGM.

So if there is someone who has listened to both, please enlighten us with your views on the music content ... (let us forget the personalities please). For the benefit of IR fans, pls let us know if we could listen to 'Refugee' songs somewhere in the net.

(I also have one more doubt whether Anu Malik also did the BGM for Refugee... This is because, if I am not wrong, last year whoever beat IR's HeyRam, had only composed the songs for the movie (again a Hindi movie) and not the BGM part.)

Thanks in advance...


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