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Most Sensational Album Ever (after all these years of discussion) Most Sensational Album Ever (after all these years of discussion)

Topic started by Gyan (@ on Wed Aug 25 16:15:15 EDT 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

If this topic is repeated before, I meant to ask all veterans in the forum, what they will NOW think has been the most sensational album ever in their lives. Surrounding the release and emotional impact on the fan and many people at the time. For me, Priya,KaviKkuyil, Ilamai Oonjaladigirathu, Payanangal Mudiyvathillai etc.. most of IR' 70s-80s were number 1 or so. But, recent times I rediscovered two albums and the news at that time for these two albums.

My No. 1 is Ninaithaley Innikkum - why? at that time even kids were worried that MSV was toppled by IR forever, but the comeback by MSV has no parallel - this is more earth shattering that Hotel California or Thriller albums. Even, the outrageousness of the compositions, singing of SPB, two would-be revolutioanry superstars (Rajni, Kamal) all bring back fond memories of the times, though I didn't know who MSV or IR was at that time.

No. 2: Punnagai Mannan: I just discovered the melodiousness of most of the songs. At that time, there was uproar that IR was going to take away musician jobs by computerized music and so I said to myself no artificial music for me and so avoided this album for maybe over a decade!!!!

No. 3: Ilamai Oonjaladigarathu & Priya (together were the challenge for Ninaithaley Innikkum): Sensationalism at the highest, unbelievable news these two movies, KJYesudas (peak in Hindi), Rajani controversies, and IR' Tarangini recordings.....

These I believe will are my all time no.1 thru 3s!!!!


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