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Query "Ennai taalatta varuvalo" From KM 'Vs "Vennilave vennilave" from MK

Topic started by pinchi srinivasan (@ on Mon Mar 2 01:10:11 EST 1998.
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The previous thread is the same, just to attract more discussion , I am starting with this subject title,
In my honest openion "Ennai Taalatta Varuvalo" is one of the great songs in recent times almost above some of the 80's hits IR. Now coming to "Vennilave vennilave " from MK , I don't know how many of you are from Bangalore with knowledge about Dr. Raj's movies one of Rajkumar's movies by name "Guri" directed by our Oosu , i mean P. vasu with archana as heroine had a song called "Sravana maasa bandaga, maavu chigurale beku" , this song's starting stanza is a ditto of "vennilave vennilave" , I am not saying again that ARR has copied, but I felt it is not an extra ordinary song .


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