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Repeating same tunes in TFM. Repeating same tunes in TFM.

Topic started by sridhar (@ on Sat Sep 14 10:11:04 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

aprt from the copying of music from other composers,some MDs repeat their tune in diff. films.

i watched the movie ROJA,in that,in a scene when aravindswamy and vaishnavi meets alone,there is a bgm which is the 100% same tune of telephone manipol-indan. pudhiamugam-there is a bgm of a song sung by chitra inthe movie pavithra.
3.deva is repeating a bgm which is coppied from terminator and another music in several films like annamalai,batsha,oruvan,aha,etc,etc, and to be continued in future.
4.SAR all songs are POOVE UNAKKAAGA there is a song"idhayangal thudikkudhu"which is not in the cassette,the saranam of the song is repeated in the saranam of "rojappoo maalaiyile"-vaanathi pola.
5.i dont know whether IR is doing this,but i heared a bgm in annakkili resembled the bgm of niram maratha pookal.some of my friends said that the tune of "enna samayalo"-unnal mudiyum thambi is the same tune of a song in manipur mamiyar.
but i always wonder how this man is giving including bgm for more than 750 movies.

anybody watched like this share it here.pls note that iam refering the 100% same tune.


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