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IR again spoils his "kasi" songs by not giving it SPB, why??? IR again spoils his "kasi" songs by not giving it SPB, why???

Topic started by Raghuvaran (@ on Fri Nov 30 04:47:23 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I have heard kassi songs, all are rendered by the same old ***Nasal*** hariharan, he sings all the songs like half-dead person, no punch, ne expression, no life, no modulation in his voice, but he does have superb ***NASAL*** voice!

If this film was to be super hit, IR should have used SPB's Royal Highness voice, like, he used SPB in "Chinathambi","Kadhal Oviyam","Salnghai Oli", etc.

But why does IR spoils all his master pieces by giving it the nasal singer, hariharan, IR spoilt many of great tunes during the 90's by giving the songs to the "cheap Imitator of SPB", Mano, Why is IR not making use of the MAJESTIC VOICE OF DR.SPB???


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