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What's wrong with ARR haters? What's wrong with ARR haters?

Topic started by WhyNot (@ on Sun Nov 25 09:01:01 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I think all ARR fans who have particiapted or simply observed tfmpage forums will agree that there is something vicious in the way his haters attack him. They start threads like "ARR is becoming unpopular" or "arr is mad", a thread that was fortunately deleted. And they also make really stupid postings against him. Some of these haters carry the "IR fan" logo, but let's keep in mind during this discussion that not all of these ARR haters are IR fans.

The thing is, if someone simply dislikes ARR's songs, u'd just leave it aside and not worry about it. I mean, if ARR fans find that Bharadwaj's songs are nice u'd listen to them. If you found Bharadwaj's songs unappealing, u'd leave them aside instead of starting threads and making postings on how Bharadwaj sucks, how he is mad, he's becoming unpopular, how his songs are falling behind in the top ten listings, share links on poor reviews on his work, etc.

But ARR haters do this and more. If they simply state "I don't like PP songs" and provide their reasons why, that's ok and I wouldn't classify them as ARR haters. But when they make comments like "RAHMAN IS A DISGRACE TO INDIAN MUSIC COS HE COPIES FROM ARABIC MUSIC
SO HES A BAD MUSIC DIRECTOR AND A BAD MAN" by DINESH (@ from the thread, "Brand New Topic - ARR Vs IR!!", you know there's something more than just a dislike of ARR's music.

So let me outline the purpose of this thread:
1) To discuss what lies in the root of such hatred.
2) To share some of the worst postings made by ARR haters in this forum, attacking ARR and his fans personally. (like the one above)
3) To discuss the different ways in which ARR haters attack him.

and finally, as a bonus to this topic, we'll most likely find several ARR haters visiting this thread to make more aggravating comments not only about ARR, but also about ARR fans, me for starting this thread, and the singers who sing in ARR songs. Let's talk about it too.


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