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Sivaji on Viswanathan, Ilayaraaja & AR Rahman Sivaji on Viswanathan, Ilayaraaja & AR Rahman

Topic started by NOV (@ on Tue May 19 07:27:43 EDT 1998.
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Guys - I know with a title such as this, many people would come rushing in. I couldn't resist it. :-)))

Sivaji was recently interviewed by Filmfare magazine. I have only extracted parts relevant to TFM.

Your comments please!

Can you compare music of yesteryears and now?

What music? Now all you have is rhythm. Thum, thum, thum is not music.

Are you talking about AR Rahman's music?

I am not talking about him in particular. But yes, he's the only one who has made a name for himself internationally. His name is a major advantage. People in the Gulf and Muscat talk about him. There are other good music directors around but they haven't made it to the international level.

Why couldn't MS Viswanathan get international recognition?

Because he was a Viswanathan. (Laughs). The name has a lot to do with it. So MS Viswanathan, Ilaiyaraja became famous only locally, because their names are South Indian.
I am Sivaji Ganesan. Many think I am a Maharashtrian. In Mumbai, even Bal Thackeray thinks I am a Maharashtrian. In Bangalore too, they have the same opinion. On one occasion every shooting was stopped in Mumbai, except mine. Because they felt I was Sivaji Rao! When the Sivaji statue in Mumbai was installed, I met half the expenses. When a dam collapsed in Maharashtra, I paid 11 lakhs to the then Chief Minister YB Chavan. So everybody there thinks I am a Maharashtrian. But I was born in Tanjore. What I'm trying to point out is that in the final analysis, the name counts.


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