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How MDs fare in singing? How MDs fare in singing?

Topic started by JJ (@ on Fri Jul 19 16:50:42 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

"Sollathan Ninaikkiren"... sung by MSV. It wasn't so graceful. Someone would have sung better. But his voice suits the song "Sambo Siva Sambo".
Illayaraja may not have more modulation in his voice. But his flawless tamil and clean voice makes up for that. 'Janani Janani',"Nan thedum sevvandhi poovidhu',"Siru Ponmani" and host of other songs are a testimony to his voice. Sankar from Sankar Ganesh sang couple of songs. He sucked. Chandrabose sang few songs like "Endi Muthamma" from Aaru Puspangal. ARR started singing from "Mustafa". He is right about his inferiority complex that he couldn't sing. He sucked too. Deva is even worse with his song "Kavaliapadathada sagothara". Any other MDs.


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