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Fans or Employees? Fans or Employees?

Topic started by Unmai (@ on Sat Aug 17 09:45:39 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

ARR fans unnecessarily go after IR fans. I like good music. I have some good songs of both ARR and IR. We all know all the HCARRF do have IR songs. Who are you trying to cheat here? Any song no matter how good... it will be boring after a few listen. Only when you go through a cycle you will feel like listening to again and again.
Assume some 100 good songs out of his 400 songs.
Within a week you will be bored with the songs.
It includes multiple hearing. That's what happened to me last night. I played this mp3 CD where i had roughly about 100 ARR songs. It was terribly boring after a few listen. Why do you think Americans and people all over the world like Period music? The music will take them back there.. For example What a women want had Frank Sinarta soundtrack. 1990 Goodfellas had 1950 soundtrack because the movie was set in 50s.
But the album was a big hit. Even now Good, Bad, Ugly soundtrack is a big hit. Even now i am searching for NS krishnan mp3 music.. Unlike some fans believe, nobody can take that away from a musician what he has achieved. Example Beethoven who composed years back, Mozart who composed years back (His "marriage of fiagro" has been beautifully interluded in 1994 Shawsank redemption movie). Do you guys honestly think anybody can take away from what Illayaraja has achieved from 1976 - till date. As long as he is having one fan he is alive. Just look at the support Illayaraj is getting from so many of his fans inspite of the fact he had fights with big directors. Maniratnam, Balachander, Bharathi Raja these are big directors in Tamil. They are not with IR anymore. Tell me one movie of Illayaraja with them, failed as a music director. From first to last movie Illayaraja gave them wonderful music. He is such a committed artist. Even Bharathi Raja's junk movie Kadhal oviyam and Maniratnam's junk movie Idhaya Kovil had good music. I bet all the ARR fans must be having IDHAYA KOVIL mp3s. Why do you guys cheat each other. IR fans also must be having some ARR songs. It's not like Pepsi employees don't drink coke, coke employees don't drink Pepsi. Are you guys employees of IR and ARR?


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