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Priya.. Priya..

Topic started by Evolution Vii (@ on Wed Mar 12 00:24:27 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I was actually looking forward for someone starting this thread for this IR Classic..instead of waiting for someone..lemme do the honours..

a true masterpiece at that time when it came out in 1976 for our super star & taken wholly in singapore...

a KJY & Jency combo album...with en uyir neethaney, darling darling - P susheela, hey padal ondru, akkarai cheemai, Oh priya...

An interesting note was the movie soundtrack was done in 16 track stereo in hongkong...which is why it is such a joy to listen 2 it in cd till this very day(just listen 2 en uyir neethaney in ur dicsman)......can be able to distinguish every single instrument when listening...something which other soundtracks were lacking at that time...Priya stands the test of time which dharmayudham & johnny coming in 2nd to this movie soundtrack..any comments pals??


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