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Is IR becoming like balamuralikrishna!!! Is IR becoming like balamuralikrishna!!!

Topic started by krishnan (@ on Fri Jun 19 17:58:54 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I have heard , balamurali who started off as a child prodigy and once the favorite had his popularity dwindling, not because of him running out of stuff, but becomimg more & more unpredictable.To be unorthodox once in a while was OK & acceptable by the carnatic lovers but if it becomes more frequent one tends to distant himself from the music lover.I am not questioning his knowledge, but he has ended up becoming quite a experimental man.After hearing to raja's recent albums poonthottam raja is definetely shifting gears by switching to different scales in the same song & using it in vocals.I remember of him using graha bedham in oldies like 'andhi mazhai' but rarely has he implemented it in vocals.No doubt,
this is new to TFM ( barring few exceptions like 'Poonkatrilae' & 'Devan thiru sabai malargalae').
But the fear is this should not sound too discordant for the common man.


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