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<b>Telugu Devi Sri Prasad is back with <i>ICE</i></b> Telugu Devi Sri Prasad is back with ICE

Topic started by Ank (@ on Sun Apr 6 09:04:09 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Remember Devi Sri Prasad, who sang Angel vandhalae.., in Vijay's Badri 2 years back. He is doing extemely well in Telugu, working with big directors like Krishna Vamsi and Vijayabhasker. Now, he is back in Tamil with ICE, the Tamil remake of the Uday Kiran, Pratiusha, Gajala starrer Telugu film, Kalisukavalani. The film was a big hit in Telugu and so was its music. The same director is making it in Tamil with a new-comer called Ashok and Priyanka Trivedi (Kadhal Sadugudu, Raaja, Cauvery). Lets see what happennes?


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