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<b>Surya's <i>Dhishum Dhishum</i></b> Surya's Dhishum Dhishum

Topic started by Jay (@ on Mon Apr 28 01:34:34 EDT 2003.
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Hi guys, surprised what is this; Dhishum Dhishum? Well, this is a film that Surya is acting and produced by Oscar Ravichandran. Sasi of Roja Kootam and Sollamalae will be directing it. The music is by Vidhyasagar. Vidhyasagar had composed for Oscar Film's Ajith starrer Ezhil's film, Poovellam Un Vaasam.

Oscar Films seems to be very busy these days. They are producing, Jay Jay, directed by Charan, with Madhavan and Mandira, which has music by Bharadwaj (25th film). They are working with Thankar Bachchan. Even actor Surya's good days are ahead for him. Ace director, Mani Rathnam has signed Surya for his next Tamil film, Ayudha Ezhuthu along with Madhavan, Vivek Oberoi (Hindi), Srikanth, Sudeep (Kannada). Guess, it will be a bilingual, a Tamil and Hindi, because the grapevine is also that, Mani Rathnam has also signed Vivek Oberoi, Bobby Deol, Abishiekh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan from Bollywood. Music by A R Rahman. [Link:]. Surya is also doing Malayalam director, Fazil's next Tamil film, which also has Madhavan and Shamili.


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