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Ilayaraja made the world cinema to look into Sounth Indian Movies Ilayaraja made the world cinema to look into Sounth Indian Movies

Topic started by Bala (@ on Fri Jan 3 16:44:17 EST 2003.
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Ilayaraja, the magnanimous name ,every other music lover of this century and in the future will know and remember.I inaugurate this thread to share our views about his great work to make the world to look into South Indian Movies.There was a time that people were interested to listen to hindi music, where everyone had a question infront whether we r going to acheive the quality of that kind.There came our isaignani to say "Here is the music that everyone loves" and delivered to the whole world.After his entry our culture(south indian) is exhibited to the whole world in an effecient manner which was lacked with all the other music directors.Manvaasani,intha mannin kaathal,intha mannin veeram,intha mannin pulamai endru ivan ivvulaghukku alli koduthathai neanivu kooruvom.When the whole world was talking about westernizing our music this Man made the western people to listen to our carnatic music.This great man helped lot of talented directors to deliver their thirst over our culture and made the movies look like evergreen.I personally request the admin to keep this thread open as a research thread to talk and share about that great man Ilayaraja who is making our south indian film industry to be proudly standing in front of the world.


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