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Topic started by isai_nanban (@ on Sat Oct 11 22:09:51 EDT 2003.
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The golden age of European & American began from the 40s and ended in the 80s, but while their musical idiom is simply sublime (epitomised by Cole Porter, Rich Rodgers, Burt Kaemfert, Alan Lerner and a thousand others, while in India we were satisfied by a reasonable number of composers only, unless some individuals like Biddu come along), in India we don't have Orchestral/Instrumental Big Band arrangers like Andre Kostelanetz (my favorite) Ray Coniff, Ron Goodwin, Franck Pourcel, James Last who gave super versions of Broadway/ Hollywood/ West End/ European traditional themes (for example, Never On A Sunday, a traditional Greek tune is a joy for me to listen to so many, many different arrangements, the best is by James Last on Trumpet Go-Go, then also a superb superb fast theme, likes of which even IR has not composed is The Headless Horseman especially the version by Ron Goodwin makes me giddy, man) spectacular archivability and that legacy is what is compelling. Indian film songs don't have that kind of representation at all (i don't believe in the flute versions or nadaswaram or saxophone versions of some individual enthusiast.) I am asking is there any talent at all in India who will bring out "fantastic" orchestral versions of popular film songs. So far, I've seen none, come on let us not expect IR to do this dirty work also ( i mean isn't it enough he has given enuff material for others to SPIN-OFF something else based on his legacy and other composer' tunes that have THE IDIOM needed for orchestral versions? Any thoughts on this topic? I mean it is time, some not-so-interested-in-films-composers just got off from wasting time is films and did this job.


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