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BGMs that i remember BGMs that i remember

Topic started by Uthaman (@ on Tue Jun 18 14:14:53 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

The BGMs i appreciate in movies.. i am little more specific here.

1) Revathy-Karthik meetings in Mouna Raagam
2) Simran-Sham meetings in 12B
3) Ajith's perversion in Vaali
4) Karthik-Kushboo meetings in Varusham 16
(Nice Flute)
5) Geetha - Mammooty meetings in Azagan
6) Revathy-Mohan meetings in Mouna Raagam
7) Revathy-Murali meetings in Pagal Nilavu
8) Mohan-Poornima meetings in Kilinjalgal
9) Kamal-in Nayagan (Thenpandi seemaiyile instruemntal)
10)Nalini breaking the wall - Nooravathu Naal
11)Kamal panicking after sapnas murder - Tik Tik Tik
12)Kamal-Jayapradha meetings - Salangai Oli
13)Rajini-Sridevi meetings - Johnny
14)Baby Shamili-Revathy meetings - Anjali

any current movies that have good outstanding BGMs? I like movies with Good BGMs. ARR fans.. don't go after me. I have included even Deva for whom i don't have any respect. It is just that no movie stuck in my memory. About these movies i remember the exact BGM.


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