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Great songs of IR that don't appeal at first

Great songs of IR that don't appeal at first

Topic started by SR Kaushik (@ on Wed Oct 21 17:52:25 EDT 1998.
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There are many songs of IR that I never was impressed with, at first hearing. However, later on the tune began haunting me and I was captivated. Some examples are "Nilave vaa" from Mouna Raagam, "Varna Vrindavanam" from Kaliyoonjaalu - I was pretty impatient with these at first, but now they rank among my all time favorites.

On the other hand, you have songs that impress you at first hearing itself like "Thaalaatuthe vaanam", etc. I wonder what it is in the song that makes its appeal slow?

Also, as a composer, how would IR know whether his tune would have a fast or a slow appeal?

I am interested in knowing others' views on this.


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