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Did YSR helped KR earlier? or the other way ard now. Did YSR helped KR earlier? or the other way ard now.

Topic started by paran (@ on Fri Dec 12 00:43:20 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I had this question lingering ard my mind for quite some time.

If we take a look at DummX3, KathalaX2, Ullasam, Naam Iruvar Namakku Iruvar it has YSR's youthful touch in it. But at that point YSR havent make a name for himself yet or at least was not as successful as he is now. I really have a doubt that YSR had helped KR in composing those 4 albums. But lately KR's composition has more matured touch, and definitely not youthful as YSR's composition.

So who adopted whom? YSR adopted KR's style, or KR used YSR's help?

Please comment.


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