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Suitability of singers who sing for actors:

Suitability of singers who sing for actors:

Topic started by Vijay (@ on Fri Sep 1 16:35:48 EDT 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I'm sure everyone agrees that when you look at an actor, you get quite an idea of what his voice would sound like. For example, you would expect Kamal to have a manly voice (so you'd expect singers like SPB or Hariharan to sing for him), and you'd expect Prashanth to have a boyish voice (and so you'd expect singers like Unni Krishnan to sing for him). But there many instances, especially in A.R.Rahman's films, when for example, an actor like Prashanth gets sung for by Hariharan, and it looks very inappropriate.
Deva sometimes sings for actors himself, and that's even worse.
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