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Comparing Ravindra Jain with IR Comparing Ravindra Jain with IR

Topic started by RJ Uncomparable!!!! (@ on Sat Oct 5 23:27:06 EDT 2002.
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IMHO, a genius composer of most difficult and consummate melodies is Ravindra Jain in Indian films. Actually the most brilliant structure came from RJ. I don't know if IR has composed melody structures as seen in RJ songs like "Sunayna" & "Yeh Goriyan Only Karthi Raja's "Krishna Krishna" is only one Tmail song of that complex structure. Anyone recognizes any other? Also, RJ gives a lot of ambience in the songs, all songs of Chitchor for example. His Prelueds and interludes are also extremely amazing, especially use of flute is on par with IR's genius. And, therefore I find a comparison with IR worth discussing. (I find that HFindustry ignores RJ's genius because he gave most songs to Yesudas!)


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