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Appreciating That Loveable Paranoid Schizophrenia: NANDHU Appreciating That Loveable Paranoid Schizophrenia: NANDHU

Topic started by non_schizo_paranoid (@ on Thu Dec 6 05:27:11 EST 2001.
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OK. Now its been three times that i have seen the movie (don't look at me as if i were mad myself, i am not). IMHO, KAMAL has captured to stunning perfection what a PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA looks, acts & behaves like, of course with a tiny bit of cinematic exaggeration which is very much pardonable. Are there any soul out here who liked the movie? (By the way, SHANKAR-ESAAN-LOY have done perfect justice when it comes to music)..IMHO....KAMAL FANS (like me), anyone out there?


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