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<b>'Maestro' Ilayaraaja goes global!</b> 'Maestro' Ilayaraaja goes global!

Topic started by rt (@ on Sun Oct 17 08:46:16 EDT 2004.
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Maestro goes global!

By Moviebuzz
Sunday, 17 October , 2004, 11:27

The maestro Ilayaraja has decided to go global. He will be performing live for the first time on stage with his 115 strong orchestra in Dubai on December 2 and Abu Dhabi on 3rd.
Ilayaraja had all these years refused to perform on stage but has finally succumbed to changing times. Says Ilayaraja: “So far I did not want to perform on stage as I thought of using that time to compose music for one more film.” He also added that he has agreed to do the show, as a part of the profit will be going to the charities.

Raj of Dream Makers, Dubai is making all arrangements as the show would also mark the Golden jubilee of South Indian Artists Association in Dubai on Dec 2. Later Raj also plans to conduct Ilayaraja musical nights in Singapore, Malaysia and London.

Iayaraja's Musical world tour
- 16.10.2004
Its been ten long years since Ilayaraja called for a press meet. All of a sudden the mastro wanted to interact with the media. Sensing that something very important is about to be announced all scribes rush to Prasad Studio and they were in for a surprise.


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