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Roja Songs Review Roja Songs Review

Topic started by raycas (@ on Sat Dec 29 10:20:10 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

this is something i always wanted to ask u people. i know it's about something old, but i seem to have missed it when it had been discussed.
so, till a week or so, i had been thinking 'roja' by arr, his first work anno 1992, was a great wall which not even the biggest arr-hater could conquer. i somehow had this impression in mind that everyone had accepted it to be a great masterpiece no one would dare to critice.
and after that, i have read a lot of reviews of other arr-albums, where people like shashi (from have reviewed every single note of each and every song (which i always enjoyed), but now i realize i haven't read such a review about roja. and i would like to.
and the other thing is, in the past week i suddenly read things about 'roja', that the songs were mostly copied and things like that (okay, that one message from this psycho 'member...' i didn't take serious, but now jag also said something similiar). so, now what is the truth?


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