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Ar Rahman E20 U18 review... Ar Rahman E20 U18 review...

Topic started by E20 U18 (@ on Tue Jul 1 09:13:46 EDT 2003.
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Producer - A.M.Rathnam [Sri Surya Movies]
Lyrics - Pa.Vijay

Choreographer - Raju Sundaram

Cinematographer - R Ganesh

Editor - Kola Baskar

Action - Peter Hayen

Art - Thotta Tharani

- 6 songs.

- Jothi Krishna : "The songs have come out really really beautiful. AR Rahman has put in his heart and soul for all songs in the movie. It's an out and out commercial, youth oriented movie and the songs are all potential chartbusters." []

- "AR Rahman is my favorite music director. I'm proud of the fact that I acted in 'Enakku 20 Unakku 18'. He was the music composer for the film. I heard four songs of the film. They were fabulous. You will feel the same way too when the film gets released." - Trisha.

- One song was filmed in around 200 locations in Chennai.

- The film centers around two characters, Tarun and Trisha. Both are students. They fall in love while they were traveling in a train and rest of the movie is based on how they would meet again. This is a triangular love story.

- Jothi Krishna says, "I am sure that the film will be a visual treat, a trendsetter. For a single song, I have taken 260 shots of 90 locations and still it is not over. Though the film is about the life of college students, it is not a campus-oriented film. I have the advantage of having Ganesh, who is a very good cinematographer and with whom I share a good rapport, in my film. Both of us are keen to make a very different film. Ganesh’s ad films have impressed me a lot."

- ‘‘My movie has all the ingredients — love, emotion, sentiments, melodrama and two heroines too.’’ So what’s new? ‘‘You can find technical brilliance in my movie,’’ said the 22-year-old director. Though the muhurat was over a year ago, the movie is slated to be released only in April. The director said that for a song he has used 95 locations in India. ‘‘I have been shooting that song for the past six months and is yet to finish it. That is the main reason for the delay.’’

- Jothi Krishna : "We are aiming for a May release, so the audio should be released in April as we need at least a month for the pre-release publicity."

Post ur review abt the next arr release


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