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'Pure' Tamil Lyrics?

'Pure' Tamil Lyrics?

Topic started by NaNbaN (@ on Fri Apr 14 19:56:23 EDT 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

TFM has been debating 'Corruption' of Tamil Lyrics for longtime and offlate it seems to have increased tremendously (Thanks to vaali and VM)

My Argument is.....

Why should Lyrcist restrict themshelves to 'Pure' Tamil when a common man casually speaks atleast one English word per sentence. I cannot come up with pure Tamil in every sentence I speak. I guess that is case with everyone.

When Film characters express themshelves in a dialogue or song, they are expressing themshelves and I find no reason not to use Tamil when it is natural for the character. For example, it sounds natural for Educated Tamil Character to say "sorry" than to say "Mannithuvedunkal".
Songs are also supposed to be expression of characters, so why should the character consiously eliminate Tamil words and that too in song alone. Sounds weird!

Skeptic people want 'PURITY' song Lyrics whereas they are pretty comfortable with other parts of film to be 'IMPURE'. Hero can speak English at full length and he can wear western outfits...A 1940 Tanjavur girl can ask her hubby "can I hug you"(Thanks to Heyram). Every non-Tamil practice is allowed except for singing in English words. How would you like if ArvindSwamy Aijth & vijai comes in Tradiational Tamil dress say vayisstee & shirt all the time in all movies. (Hell how do u spell it). Weird tooo...

Tamil moviedom skirted Artificialism and 'Pure' Tamil in 1970's Thanks for Balachander and Bharathiraja we saw some realism in Tamil Movies.
so whatz all this debate about 'Pure' Tamil.

Mind. I don't support/enjoy a ruppee/like current Tamil movies. But criticizing VM for corrupting Tamil is weird when in reality the same English words are frequently used by all

There lot of English-Tamil songs which make some sense to audience.
1. Hello Miss Hello miss... (MGR)
2. Usage of LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT ABOUT TURN in old song.(I don't remember the song)
3. Senorita I love My Sweetheart You love (Jhonny)
4. One..two..three..four..five..listen to the music (punnagai mannan)

Well there must be more...

I too hate using Englsh words just for the sake of using it songs. Thatz so idiotic. You know what Kodambakkam will say " Thatz the trend".

Hell with the trend!

Anyway I think you expecting 'pure' Tamil lyrics is unrealistic and bit weird.



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