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bollywood vs kollywood!!! bollywood vs kollywood!!!

Topic started by shwetha (@ on Wed Jan 1 23:26:33 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I feel the Hindi audience, these days, is totally tasteless...seeing the kind of movies made in bollywood! They seem so unbelievably idiotic. And the music...even worse!!! Even lagaan and devdas, i feel were not as great as they claimed they were. Definitely not Oscar caliber :O When Lagaan was nominated for Oscar... we had pop-ups on MSN saying "Ask Spielerg to watch Lagaan"!!!! I mean idhellam konjam over-aa therialay??!! All the Hindi movies ever have is standard-aa one family bzness and a wedding and a holiday some place like NZ, Swiss et al. Tamil movies are far far better in content and music and everything. What do u say?


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